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Phentermine experience: coming back a hope to our life

Janet Seiner
Thousands of people use different diet pills in order to weigh loss. I have become one of them, because I couldnít leave any more with stocked fat and thoughts about nice figure.

Excess weight - is an extra stress on the joints, spine and whole body, as well as one of the factors of fatigue.Try to carry with you everywhere a weight of at least 10 pounds, and you will estimate your body condition. But unlike weight, overweight cannot be set aside, it is always with you. Moreover, on the "service" of this fat we permanently spent heart and lungs activity.

From economic aspect obesity is another problem. We need large size clothing, which is more expensive. But most importantly - the cost of drugs. Fat people get sick more often,
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and they have to consume more pills: dosage is usually run per kilogram of body weight. In addition, some drugs accumulate mainly in adipose tissue (for example, are widely used in cardiology drugs enalapril and amiodarone), which leads to their accumulation, late and delayed action. And when you consider that some drugs cannot be combined with each other, then the excess fatty tissue is just dangerous.

Recently Iíve discovered for myself Phentermine.
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Today, this diet pill is used in the U.S., although banned in Britain because of side effects and in many countries is limited to the application. Phentermine belongs to a group of amphetamines and reduces appetite. In appropriate use of this medication patient can weight loss about 30% of his fat.

What about me, so Iíve lost 10 pounds for 2 month. And itís without strict diet but with physical exercises. Iíve read some Phentermine reviews and noticed that some people experienced short term Phentermine side effects and long term Ė increase in food consumption. Taking Phentermine for 2 month Iíve not noticed any of its side effects, as well as increased hunger. Now Iíve passed Phentermine course, but still go info sport and eat less calorie food. I think diet pills and physical activity it is the best solution for obese people!

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