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If we look at world health statistic we will see quite sad statistic. Over a billion people worldwide suffer from overweight and obesity. Among the U.S. adult population excess body weight was detected in every fifth inhabitant of North America and Great Britain - one in three, Germany - every second. What can be more dangerous and terrible as children obesity: in the UK excessive body weight have 20% of children and adolescents, in Spain - 27%, in Greece - 31%, in Italy much as 36%.

The most frequent cause of obesity is the disparity between calories income and consumption. This is overeating, a significant reduction in physical activity. Contribute to the accumulation of excess weight predisposition – “stuffing” in childhood leads to an increase in the number of cells (adipocytes), which synthesize fat.

According to Canadian researchers, mental work provides a substantial contribution to obesity, not only for the reason that sitting behind a desk requires almost no expenditure of physical energy. The bottom line is that while reading documents or working on your computer our brain requires a large amount of glucose so people of mental labor always feel hunger after working day. As a result, we consume much more food than the body can use. That is why our "information age" is accompanied by the global spread of obesity.
With obesity in humans disrupted the activities of at least eight organ systems:

  • cardiovascular,
  • endocrine,
  • nervous (central and autonomic),
  • digestive,
  • musculoskeletal,
  • genitourinary,
  • respiratory,
  • immune.

Phentermine FDA Approved
Observed changes in the skin. All this leads to a decrease in survival of patients - an average of 10-20 years. The problem of obesity has born the great number of different diet pills, which can help to get rid of excess weight.Such diet pills can suppress the appetite, causing you to eat less and thus weight loss. Many of available diet pills can cause side effects, but there are and those which are safe for patients, and even if they cause side effects, they are mild and well tolerated.

Phentermine – one of approved by FDA diet pills, used for short term treatment therapy of weight loss. You can buy Phentermine online and combine it with some diet and physical activity, only then your results will be great and last long.

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