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Phentermine Side Effects and possible methods of avoiding them

People who suffer obesity or excess weigh are always looking for new methods to become slim and gent. Sometimes, they even forget about their health, pursuing the aim of “fast sliming”. Today, there are a lot of pharmaceutical methods for getting rid of excess weight,
but in order to choose the most useful for your body you should consult with the specialist and do all possible health tests. Thus you will probably weight loss and avoid side effects, which may cause some diet pills.

Everyone knows what Phentermine is, but only few known that the long use of this medication may lead to long term side effects, among which – a great increase of food consumption. Let us see the main Phentermine side effects and possible methods of avoiding them.

Most often side effects occur early in treatment (in the first 4 weeks). Their severity and frequency over time is weakening. Side effects are generally lightweight and reversible.

While treatment with Phentermine some people have experienced side effects from CNS system, like dry mouth, insomnia, and sometimes - headache, dizziness, anxiety, parenthesis and changes in taste.
Side effects from cardiovascular system have shown tachycardia, palpitations, vasodilatation and increased blood pressure.

Observed a moderate rise of blood pressure at rest at 1-3 mm Hg. and a moderate increase in heart rate by 3-7 bpm. In some cases, does not exclude a more pronounced increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Clinically significant changes in the level of blood pressure and heart rate are recorded mainly in early treatment (within the first 4-8 weeks).

From the side of digestive system patients experienced loss of appetite and constipation and sometimes - nausea and aggravation of hemorrhoids.

In rare cases, treatment with Phentermine describes the following clinically significant side effects: dysmenorrhea, edema, influenza-like syndrome, skin itching, pain, back pain, abdominal pain, paradoxically increased appetite, thirst, rhinitis, depression, drowsiness, emotional lability, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, acute interstitial nephritis, bleeding, purpura, Schonlein purpura (bleeding into the skin), seizures, thrombocytopenia, transient increase of liver enzymes in the blood.
One patient with schizoaffective disorder, which presumably existed prior to treatment, after treatment, developed acute psychosis.

Reactions to the cancellation, such as headache or increased appetite, are rare. There is no data about observed after treatment withdrawal syndrome, mood disorder, changes in the cardiovascular system.

Perhaps, one of the most frequent long term side effects of Phentermine – is increase in appetite. Here is an interesting thing. You take Phentermine, loss weight, don’t want to eat and seem feel good, but after you stop take this medication you stop loss weigh and what is more horrifying - begin to eat twice more! Thus your treatment therapy with Phentermine becomes inefficient.

In order to avoid long term Phentermine side effects you should follow drug instructions and recommendations of your doctor. These means, following appropriate diet, going info sport and eat as less calories, as it is possible!

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