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Among various means for weight loss – medications are the most reliable and widespread among patients. Behind them are the names of famous pharmaceutical corporations, and endless clinical trials, confirming that certain diet pill is not a placebo, the effect of which is based on self-hypnosis, which means short term action and unreliable effect.Today, the best-known medication is Phentermine.

Phentermine - Best Diet
In some countries this diet pill has been banned, due to some side effects. But at most countries around the world Phentermine is still being number one remedy against obesity.

If you are unable to limit the amount of absorbed calories by yourself and thus have excess weight, here came on help modern science and pharmaceutical industry. There is no more need to limit yourself, as Phentermine will do it for you.
Phentermine - is one of the drugs for weight loss, refers to parapharmaceutics and works as a regulator of appetite.
Due to the fact, that Phentermine pills have some contraindications and is not a food supplement, it is sold in pharmacies only on prescription from your doctor. But, it’s not a secret anymore, that you can order Phentermine without prescription via reliable and known online pharmacies. Commonly, Phentermine is assigned to treatment alimentary obesity (alimentary called obesity, which is the cause of poor nutrition, and not other diseases, for example, related to violation of the endocrine glands) for body mass index (BMI) of at least 30.

To confirm the effectiveness of the drug company manufacturer has conducted clinical trials that have invited more then 20 000 volunteers. And it was confirmed the highly efficiency of Phentermine.

Speaking about Phentermine and its effectiveness we should notice and its mechanism of action. So, Phentermine has direct effect on the saturation of the brain centers controlling the amount of consumed food and thus creating a feeling of full satiety. So, do not be tempted to go into the kitchen and snack sandwich. Phentermine doesn’t only lower appetite but also normalizes the digestive and metabolic processes, causing the body to spend more energy, lowers cholesterol.

Deciding to start weigh loss therapy with Phentermine, you should pay attention on the fact that this medication is a short term use drug. The maximum course of treatment with Phentermine is 3 months, during which will be achieved optimal weight. Taking Phentermine for a long time you will notice side effects, one of which – increased food intake and fast weigh gain.
At numerous pharm shops you are able to buy Phentermine in capsules (10 and 15mg), which should be taken once a day. Initial dose - 10mg per day. Moreover, if during the first 2 weeks of the patient's weight decreased by less than 2 kg, the doctor may increase the dose to 15mg per day.

Phentermine Nh
Telling the truth, it’s not recommended to use Phentermine without control, and yet, because under the guidance of a physician you need to develop proper diet, in order not to gain weight again after stopping treatment.
Developers suggest to anyone who wants to lose weight such formula 10-20-30:

  • 10mg - is offered at an early stage daily dosage,

  • 20% - the average of reduces food intake when taking Phentermine,

  • 30 minutes of physical exercises per day would increase the effectiveness of the drug (3 walks in 10 minutes). As it has been said earlier, Phentermine has some contraindications, about which you may get to know at your doctor or read here:

  • anorexia nervosa and bulimia,

  • drug and alcohol addiction,

  • diseases which are accompanied by changes in liver function and kidney
  • ,
  • diseases associated with disorders of the thyroid gland,

  • heart and vascular diseases, including heart failure, thrombophlebitis, tachycardia, arrhythmias,

  • stroke,

  • hypertension,

  • pregnancy, lactation,

  • children (under 18 years), older age people (over 65).

Phentermine - a drug during reception of which some patients can notice side effects: sensation of dry mouth, nausea, dizziness, hypertension (no more than 3 mm. Hg. St); increased heart beats by 3-7 strokes with no signs of arrhythmia, headache, constipation , aggravation of hemorrhoids, sweating, insomnia, anxiety.

According to the manufacturer, usually the side effects do not require drug cancelation and pass through some time.
In some countries Phentermine is available under other brand names, the most popular of them are IONAMIN and ADIPEX-P. Other name doesn’t mean other action or less effectiveness. These generic forms of Phentermine have the same active ingredient and fast acting effect, as branded Phentermine.

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