W88 is currently available in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and South Korea.

Despite the Covid outbreak having been running for more than a year, W88 has a profitable year in 2020 in the Asian market in general and in Vietnam in particular! Overcoming success, W88 chose to join the Australian market beginning in December 2020. Australia is a prospective market that is comparable to those in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, Cambodia, Singapore, India, and the United States.

Although Australia is a sizable market, there will nevertheless be some new difficulties. But W88 Au consistently aims to seize control of this market as quickly as feasible. In Australia, the W88 website and mobile app now support English.

Benefits of W88 betting

Variety of game slots:

There are over 20 game slot companies, and each one offers hundreds of distinct games. Members of W88 get access to a vibrant playground with a variety of gaming slots. From slot games with up to 25 tiles to the well-liked 3-slot gameplay. Not only is the play style different, but it is also fresh in contrast to the monotony of classic slot machine games.

Impressive visuals that are on par with commercial video games:

W88 Slot games are designed with fun in mind, which is why the visuals are so striking. It’s a place where members may earn money, but they also need to be amused, to actually “play.” The rather wide design language of W88 slot games can please even Asian clients travelling to Europe.

A varied and stable payment system


W88 provides the greatest level of convenience based on the demands of its members by supporting a choice of deposit and withdrawal channels. From Bitcoin, USDT, PayPal, through bank transfers, cash payments, and premium game cards.  It won’t be difficult for members to begin playing slots at W88. Not to mention that the W88 slot games include a free trial option, so you may play all the finest games without spending any real money.

Soccer wagering

There are six different football betting options from which you may select one. The Asian handicap is highly well-liked in Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Vietnam. On this sportsbook, you may read football forecasts and place online wagers on football. The majority of major and minor sporting events that are not part of the English Premier League, the Spanish La Liga, or the Portuguese competition are supported by W88 Sportsbook Online for wagering. You may wager on your favourite team in any football game you select.